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Spruce Up Your Terrible Apartment Easily and Quickly

It’s time for you to get older and get into a better living situation. There’s a reason why no one wants in the future over and hang out. You’re living like you are still on your college dorm and it’s embarrassing. Enough time is long overdue for changing your life around and getting into adulthood firmly and officially, and finally. But maybe you’re worried concerning how to actually do it and the task of actually going into your next phase of life is too tough a hurdle to deal with. Well follow this advice to making the slum your home is in more like a home to call home.



It’s amazing what an aesthetic difference it makes as soon as your posters are framed on the wall as opposed to tacked in the walls directly. I remember planning to college and the first thing I did was go to the poster shop and get a bunch of cool posters that reflected my personality, and some tape to tape them too the otherwise barren wall. However, you can’t get anymore slum-looking than posters taped to walls. The very same posters, when properly framed (and you may get frames for really cheap these days, adequate enough frames at least), can look classy and upscale even. Do yourself a solid and frame your posters.

Better Furniture, New Furniture


You may think that you will be destined, with the limited income, to have free furniture from CraigsList, or hand-me-downs from loving family members. At least it’s sort of comfortable, even though sure the sofa has a bit of a stink on it. Read the rest of this entry »

Some of the Craziest GPS Tales Ever

Isn’t technology great? The world becomes smaller and individuals travel much further than they did in the past generations – we ask the question “can you trust your GPS”, as technology improves and people become more mobile.


Nobody these days seems to plan a route any more. Does anybody actually bother to buy a map to help them find a new place instead of relying solely on his or her super duper GPS system? After reading a few of these tales you might like to re-think your navigation technique!

A woman in Massachusetts steered her car straight into the bunker / sand trap on the golf course – perhaps she’d been seeing the 19th hole. Anyhow, of course it was not her fault at all, she put the blame fairly and squarely on her malfunctioning SatNav. The GPS system told her to take a left turn which was a “corn field” – she just continued driving awaiting further instruction to take her out of the “corn field” and landed inside the sand trap.
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Survive Your Winter Commute While Looking Good


Commuting is a necessary part of daily living for just about everyone. Commuting during bad weather could be just horrendous. Besides the obvious challenges of diving in rain or perhaps snow, you have to deal with slow traffic, irresponsible drivers and accidents. Here are some tips for surviving bad weather driving while still maintaining a feeling of style.

Ensuring you have a good cold-weather wardrobe is essential for winter commuting. Even if you are within the warmth of your own car, you should always be prepared for bad weather if you get stranded. Not only will it be safer for you personally, but you will additionally be prepared for bad weather if you have a long walk from your parking spot to the office. A good coat, some winter boots, rain boots along with a nice scarf and hat set can be stylish while still giving you protection from the elements.


Of course the most significant part of the commute is the car. With a classic SUV such as the Jeep Grand Cherokee, available at jeep huntington beach, you can preserve safe and warm from the worst of weather while still maintaining a sense of style. With a leather and wood interior and a premium sound system the Grand Cherokee can keep you feeling good during your commute. With 4 wheel drive, a V6 engine or higher to 30 MPG’s, you will certainly be safe on the streets no matter what the climate while still saving on gas. Learn more about the Grand Cherokee at
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Best Vehicles to Reach 400k Miles

Everyone wants to get the most bang for his or her buck, and if you can’t afford to have a three year lease every 36 months and never settle your car, you will need to stretch that dollar. The 6 ways to do that is to find a car that’s gonna treat you well for several many years to come. These are the cars that are most likely to breach the 400,000 mile mark, an uncommon pinnacle of car durability that can enter you into a selective and elite club, and may provide much envy among your peers.

1. Volvo


The initial name in cars that will last forever is Volvo. People love Volvos and entrance to the 400k+ club in the Volvo will garner you the affection of other Volvo loving friends. You and the other club members will burn the midnight oil speaking about how great Volvos are, and just what year is the best for what, and the way they should keep while using genius computer that some Volvos have of their engine.
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Pricy Movie Cars That Were Just Too Expensive to Destory

There are lots of movies out there that feature a lot of car chases and explosions. You will find there’s good reason for this – they’re very exciting to view and give the target audience lots of thrills. However, the challenge with this is the fact that many of those cars become total write-offs. There is no way to get the action shot without actually destroying them. But here’s the issue – a number of the cars in these movies are extremely rare and dear; they are so expensive, the truth is, that they could never actually be destroyed just for the sake of a movie. Here are a few examples.

1. 1929 Duesenberg in Spinout
Spinout is a 1960s movie where Elvis Presley plays a racecar driver who goes wrong with drive a Duesenberg on regular days. The issue with the car featured within the movie is it was only a couple of ever made your particular wheelbase. To call it rare could be an understatement. As the car has not been meant to be damaged inside the movie, Elvis did convey a few dents within it while driving it, but later apologized and paid for repairs.

Mtview Chevy-5-1

2. Aston Martin DB5 in Goldfinger
The Aston Martin could be the trademark car of Mission impossible and none is a bit more iconic as opposed to DB5. However, Bond’s cars didn’t tend of surviving long, but, actually, one original DB5 did make it out alive and yes it was sold at auction for $4.6 million.
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